CSW Farms Foundation is a new non-proft dedicated to keeping individuals together with their pets.  So often a persons "best friend" is taken from simply because temporary care can not be found while the owner is experiencing an adverse situation.  Situations such as military deployment or a domestic violence situation.    Senior Citizens facing extended hospital stays or retirement villages, often can not take their pet,  CSW Farms Foundation is dedicated to housing these pets in a loving home enviornment and reuniting the family when the time is right.   


Visitations are set up via skype or in person.   Owners get a daily report about their pet.  The emotional stress that comes with worrying about ones pet is eleviated.  And that is our mission

the rest of the webpage is being develped, hwever you may contact me, the director, at 614-580-1319



Contact Me for Arrangements:   Cynthia Schmitt   614-580-139

Charitable contribution 501 (c)(3) organization