Our pets are very special to us. We hold them near and dear to our hearts because they alone provide us with total acceptance.

The attachments we form with our pets grows over the years and our pets become part of the family.  Our pet is our companion, our best friend, a partner, a child and a reflection of ourselves.

We are never quite prepared for the loss of a pet. The emptiness that accompanies the loss can be overwhelming. How could the loss of our pet leave such a gap in our lives?

During this distressful period the difficult decision associated with "what to do the the body" needs to be made. At this time rational thoughts are replaced with emotional ones.

At CSW Farms, we understand how hard this time can be. CSW Farms is an equine and pet crematorium and memorial. We specialize in thoughtful, dignified cremation of all creatures, great and small.

We provide a complete range of services from private memorial services and special urns for cremains to small and large animal pick-ups.

CSW Farms maintains a pristine nature preserve along the banks of the Big Darby Creek. Within the nature preserve is an organic tree farm developed as a memorial to honor the memory of our cherished animal friends. All cremains are either returned to the family or placed in the tree farm to become part of this living memorial.